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good sfx are hard to find

2009-04-15 04:32:01 by realityraider

Video game mash-up needs sfx but I can't finds any decent retro sfx and explosion if anyone knows of any good sites comment and tell me............please!

As you may know vgmu (stands for video game mash up) should be coming out soon and it will be on the portal this week! (I expect.....)

video game mash up wil be on the portal this week!

video game mash-up....

2009-03-22 11:24:47 by realityraider

video game mash-up will be my first sprite animation in flash (I have done plenty in pivot) Get ready for Mario and maybe a metal slug protagonist....... (maybe....)


2009-03-22 11:16:56 by realityraider

I hope you enjoyed random destruction dress up (*EDIT* rddu was blammed by tedflix) (it's one of my first flashes so that's probably why your here) I will soon be uploading video game mash-up.